Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Woman's Shirt to Girl's Dress

I was looking through the clothes in my closet the other day and came across this little beauty.

I really love this shirt with a cute little shrug or cardigan over it but let's be honest. I have had this since I was in college 6 years ago and my body is not the same.

So let's turn it into a dress for C.

What I did first was made C put it on.

Then I pinched the sides to see how far in I wanted to take it. Put a pin to mark the spot.

Alright, turn it inside out and mark from where the pin is. Use a ruler to mark where to cut. I put it at an angle to give a more a-line style.

Cut along the line.

I flipped it right side out and pinned the lining to the lace.

Sew the lining to the lace.

Then pin right sides together and sew.

This is what it will look like. Cut off the straps.

I folded the top in half then put a pin in the center. This is where I placed the new straps.

To make new straps I took fabric from an old shirt and some lace from what was cut off earlier.
Sew the lace to the shirt then sew the shirt together making a tube.

Like so.

Sew the straps on and you are good to go. The shirt already had ribbon at the waistline that I replaced with new ribbon and added a flower to embellish.

This would go great with the long pearl necklace, very Madonna to have lace and pearls.


Staci at Craftify It !

I didn't know you had a craft blog!?

I LOVE the idea of turning your shirt into to a dress...too cute.

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