Monday, November 21, 2011

My Memories Suite Software Giveaway

I have never been much of a scrapbooker let alone being drawn to digital srapbooking.  It seemed way too complicated for me to learn, and I just didn't ever give it much of a try.  So when I was contacted by My Memories about hosting a giveaway of their scrapbook software on my blog, I thought it was a perfect opportunity for me to try out digital scrapbooking.

So I got the
software downloaded onto my computer and sat down to give it a try.  It was so easy! In no time I came up with this:

I just started selling Paparazzi jewelry and was having trouble coming up with a cute invitation for parties.

Now for the fun part....the giveaway!!  Here are the rules for entering:
Mandatory Entry:

My Memories , and leave me a comment telling me which digital pack or layout is your favorite.  Bonus Entries: (leave me a separate comment for each entry)
My Memories Blog and become a follower
**Become a follower of
My Memories Facebook Page

PLEASE LEAVE ME YOUR EMAIL ADDRESS in your comments so I can contact you if you win!!  If I don't have an email address for the winner, I'll select a new one!

This giveaway will end on
Friday, November 25th at Midnight (MST),
and I'll announce the winner on Saturday, November 26th.  Good Luck!!
My Memories is giving all of my blog readers an AWESOME deal!! 

Use the code
and a $10 coupon for the My Memories Store!!

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

I know I have been a total slacker lately and have completely neglected my craft blog.  Well, my hubby started working as a temp for a construction company back in July.  The pay was pretty good and we felt really blessed since we had been out of work for almost a year.  The company decided to hire him on permanently and we were thrilled! The only drawback was that they had to cut his pay.

We were struggling with incoming bills and from being finished with school (aka paying back student loans). I knew it would be difficult for me to find a part time job for several reasons.
1. I have no skills and no education.  Ok, I have some schooling done and I'm no dummy.  However, I can't type well, I only finished 2 years of college, and haven't worked for almost 5 years.
2. The amount I could make at a minimum wage job would only be enough to cover the cost of daycare.
3. The thought of working instead of being home with my kids was nauseating.

So, one day I was reading some of my favorite craft blogs and came across a NEW direct sales company called Paparazzi thanks to Michelle over at Someday Crafts

Here is a little bit about Paparazzi and what they have to offer as a company.

They sell fashionable jewelry and accessories at an amazing price. Every product is ONLY $5. The products are so cute and so reasonable that people can't help but buy a ton! Below are just a few of the offerings of the company.

 (Remember, they are only $5 each)

This business is similar to company like Scentsy, Pampered Chef, Mary Kay, Stampin' Up (etc.) only much better. It is a direct sales company that is just getting started, and as I see it, has the potential for so much growth and success. Of all the direct sales companies that hold "parties,"
Paparazzi is, by far, the winner - in my opinion. Here's why I think this:

*The jewelry is inexpensive (everything is $5), adorable and current with the trends. The jewelry literally sells itself. People buy a lot of it because is costs so little!!!! Instead of buying one necklace at a store in the mall for $20 and then matching earrings for an additional $10, a Paparazzi customer can buy 6 pieces of jewelry for the same price!!! SCORE!

*The customer doesn't have to make an order, pay for shipping and wait a week to get their things. They can take it home immediately because the jewelry is on-site. And the consultant doesn't have to do deliveries and follow-up with problems that arise from wrong shipments!

*The commission rate on each piece of jewelry is great (45%). So for every piece of jewelry a consultant sells, they make about $2.25. I'm excited to have a party where $500 is sold because I will get to take home over $225 in one night. At most parties, a consultant will sell between $150-$350 in jewelry. That's $70-$157 for just 3 hours of work. Not too bad!

*"Parties" are actually open houses. Customers come and go at their own time and own pace. I don't have to say much because the jewelry sells itself. Set the jewelry up, and watch women hyperventilate over the great deal on a gorgeous product they want and already use. No high pressure speeches like I've felt at some Mary Kay and Pampared Chef parties!!!!

*The rules of
Paparazzi are very consultant friendly. You can put their product in retail sites. If you already own a business, you can add this to shelves. There are so many fun things I can do to sell this product that I wouldn't be able to do with some of the other direct sales companies.

*Paparazzi is NEW. For those people who join and start building a business, the quick growth they experience now will financially benefit them BIG TIME - especially in a few months (and years). There are less than 750 consultants in the whole company right now. Compare that to a company that has 100,000 consultants who have already done 1,000,000 parties.

*When a consultant books a party, multiple guests want to host a party to receive free jewelry. It has been easy to get parties planned (Because the company is new and not oversaturated the market with their product.) This means more money for you!

*On top of the direct commission a consultant earns when they sell products, they also receive money from people who join their team when they make sales. This is a great chance to be a leader and a friend. There always seems to be promotions for great prizes going on too!

I think that finding
Paparazzi is going to be such a blessing to our family. I plan to benefit from all they offer.

I would love you to join my team for offering inexpensive, adorable jewelry to the world. Joining is easy and quick and you can start making money within the week.
If you live in Mesa, Arizona I have everything set up at my house and you are welcome to come for a private showing and to have any questions you have answered. Email me at for the address and directions.

Please feel free to visit the Paparazzi website to learn more about the company! The "Opportunities" page has more information about how this company can benefit you financially, how much it costs to start your own business and states the policies and procedures. (Click on the buttons at the bottom).

Please email ( me letting me know what you are interested in! I can get you products, have an open house for you or sign you up as one of my team members. If you have questions, please ask. If you want to join as a consultant, my sponsor ID number is #1841. Hopefully, you will see Paparazzi as one of your lucky breaks in life and a blessing to your family.

If you don't want to join Paparazzi as a consultant, but would like to get FREE jewelry and accessories, I would be thrilled to have an open house for you.  Email me ( to set up a date.

Here is a breakdown to give you an idea as to how Paparazzi has helped my family so far.

I bought their $300 starter pack.
I sold $308 at my first party. (So from here it is technically profit.)
I have averaged a $400 PROFIT per month I have been doing this. (Which is the amount of pay that was cut from my husband's job).

Friday, August 19, 2011

Fun Fact Friday

In America, every person eats an average of 46 slices of pizza per year. That's about 23 pounds of pizza consumed yearly.

Thursday, August 18, 2011

I'm being featured!

Hi, everyone! Today I am being featured over at Positively Splendid. So head on over and check out what I am doing over there today.

Friday, August 12, 2011

Fun Fact Friday

According to the Farmer's Almanac, Phoenix, AZ is ranked #3 for best places to live in the US.
The reason being that Phoenix has sunshine 85% of the time. It also has the lowest relative humidity at 37% and rated fifth overall in terms of the least annual precipitation with 7.11 inches and eighth for the least number or rainy days (36).

Yeah, I really do love living in Phoenix.


Thursday, August 11, 2011

Maxi Dress with Cascading Ruffles

I decided to make a maxi dress for C and was inspired by this one.

You can find the tutorial here.

Here is a picture of the delicious fabric I found. It was in the seasonal section at Hobby Lobby and I snagged the last yard of it with my 40% off coupon for $6!

First, I took a dress that fits C to measure the width and length leaving enough room for a seam allowance.

I had one big rectangle. On both of the end, I cut off two ruffles to make it easier to pin and sew.

Then, I pinned the sides together. I did it this way because I wanted the ruffles to be cascading instead of tiered.

After sewing the sides together I folded the top down and sewed leaving an opening to thread the elastic.

Now, I don't have a picture for this part but I took two strips of three ruffles and sewed it on for the sleeves. I didn't do anything to the bottom since the fabric is jersey and won't fray.

Super easy and oh so cute!

C did not want me taking pictures of her!

Saturday, July 30, 2011

I've Been So Deprived...

...of PROJECT RUNWAY!!!!!! Oh how I have missed this show and am so glad it has started again.

Friday, July 29, 2011

Fun Fact Friday

I am sorry about neglecting my poor blog lately. I have made a goal this week to do better and to do much much better once school starts.

Alright, time for your fun fact.

Every citizen of Kentucky is required by law to take a bath at least once a year.
Yes! I don't think I broke that law this year!

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Sad day!

I have been rather sluggish about my crafting this summer. I had all these wonderful things planned but most of them required the use of my Make the Cut software on my Cricut machine

Unfortunately, this... no longer compatible with this.

Sad day!

Friday, July 22, 2011

Fun Fact Friday

It's that time again! Time for another tidbit of absolutely useless information.

Kermit the Frog is left handed.

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Antique Books

My parents have been cleaning out their home office and getting rid of all of their old books.

I love old books, so score for me!

Here is what I ended up with:

A set of encyclopedias that were my Mom's when she was little. They are 53 years old.

A collection of Kipling works that was my Grandmother's before she was married. I even found a clipped newspaper article inside the cover.

I mostly just love the big Einstein on the spine of the book.

I can't remember who these came from. Dad? Grandpa? But they are 40 years old!

Friday, July 8, 2011

Fun Fact Friday

Walt Disney, the creator of Mickey Mouse, had musophobia, which is the fear of mice.

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Re-Purposed Dress

Since I recently gave my closet a much needed overhaul, I have lots of items in a pile to be re-purposed.

Here is a dress that I bought about 5 years ago before I had any kids. Well, this will never fit me again but it is a nice knit material.

So, I cut it off just below the bust and added some elastic to it. (Sorry, I didn't take step by step pictures for this post.)

Then I used the pink shirt to make a really long woven braid and some rosettes.

Then I sew the braid into straps and attached the rosettes.

Ta da!

A cute comfy dress for C.

From the back

Complete with a matching headband!

Don't forget about the watch sale over at Chunky Bling!

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Chunky Bling Watch Sale!

You heard right. Watch sets for just $19.95! This is the biggest SALE that we've ever run. Just purchase any watch band of your choice and you'll receive one of our "branded watch faces" for FREE! To take advantage of this offer, simply add both items to your cart and enter the coupon code at Checkout. The cost of the face(s) will be deducted from your order total. It's that simple!

Please Note

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  • FREE faces are limited to the 15 styles which carry our logo.

  • Hurry! This SALE ends on Tuesday July 12th at Midnight.

  • Enter promo code: WATCH1995 for the discount

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Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Braided Headbands

Here are two shirts I pulled out of my closet because they both have stains on them.

Yes, I buy two of the same shirt in different colors.

I wasn't quite sure what to do with them until I saw a tutorial for how to make this:

Comfy and cute!

Go here to read about how to make one!

Friday, July 1, 2011

Fun Fact Friday

Here is the fact for today:

On average, a child uses 730 crayons by their 10th birthday.

Have a fun and safe weekend everyone!

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Couponing: Not Yet Extreme

I have succumbed to the couponing craze that seems to be spreading like an epidemic. Yes, I have been watching TLC's Extreme Couponing. However, I have been contemplating couponing for over a year. Has anyone else gotten caught up in this? No? I guess I'm the only one.

I have been doing this for about a month now and I have to say that it is pretty addicting!

Here are a few tips for newbies:
(Note: I am in no way a professional couponer so these are some tips that have worked for me)

1. Order multiple Sunday newspapers. Someone suggested that I order 3 and that number has been working for me.

2. Don't clip every coupon. I know, I know. Most places say to clip every coupon but if you don't have a dog, then don't need to stock up on Purina coupons. Just saying.

3. Be very organized with your coupon binder. The way I organize works for me but it may not work for you. Find you groove.

4. Don't be brand specific. I am a Pampers girl but if I can get a good deal on Huggies then I am going to buy them. That goes for everything I buy.

5. Shop drug stores on Sunday or Monday and grocery stores on Wednesday. I personally don't shop on Sunday so I go to Walgreens and CVS on Monday. Drugstore ads run from Sunday-Saturday and grocery ads runs from Wednesday-Tuesday.

Here is my stash from my latest coupon run.

(3 Palmolive, 4 All, 3 Jet Dry, 3 Finish gel tabs, 4 Stayfree, 2 Carefree, 2 Playtex, 2 Softsoap foam, 1 Ponds wipes, 3 Tic Tacs)

Total Cost: $46.07
Total Value: $128.03
Total Savings: $81.96

That is craziness! I love it!

Monday, June 27, 2011

Brazilian Blowout Review

Happy Monday everyone! Today I will be giving a spiel on Brazilian Blowouts.

Don't know what a Brazilian Blowout is? That's okay, I am going to tell you. A Brazilian Blowout is a method done on your hair. The stylist washes your hair with special shampoo/ conditioner stuff (I'm not sure exactly what it is). Then, the stylist blow dries and flat irons your hair. Then, they wash it again with the special product. The process takes about 90 minutes, even if your hair is really long like mine.

Alright, now for a little bit about my hair. When I hit puberty my hair turned curly and has been curly ever since. However, my babies stole my curly hair because with each pregnancy it has gotten straighter and straighter. The problem is that my hair is still frizzy and can be styled curly but it doesn't stay that way. It has been very problematic and I considered having my hair permed to get my curl back.

Well, I heard about the Brazilian Blowout and decided to give it a try. I had is done a little over a week ago and let me tell you, it is FABULOUS!!!! My hair has never been so soft and easy to style! Before I would blow dry my hair straight and have to flat iron everywhere. Now, I don't even have to use the flat iron if I choose not to.

So, for those who have considered getting a Brazilian Blowout or if you haven't heard of it but have problem hair, I highly recommend getting it done!

Friday, June 24, 2011

Fun Fact Friday

So here is my fun fact for today.

The toothpick is the #1 object most choked on by Americans.

However, here are some cool things you can do with toothpicks. You know, besides choking on them.

Toothpick Lamp found here

Toothpick city found here

Have a great weekend!

Thursday, June 23, 2011

I Heart Sonic

How awesome is this?

Oh how I love Sonic! Go here to get the free download.

Halloween Preview

That's right, I said Halloween preview. I am the type who gets things done way in advance. I am done Christmas shopping by the end of August, and I like to be done with Halloween by the end of July.

Now, I am the nerdy mom who dresses my kids in matching costumes every year. Last year they were Peter Pan and Tinkerbell and the year before that they were Mickey and Minnie. Here is the fabric and patterns I will be using this year.

Can anyone guess what I am making?

I will post the complete costumes soon!