Friday, May 6, 2011

Mickey Mouse Topiary Tutorial

So, in case you didn't already notice from previous posts like this one I'm just gonna tell you. I have an obsession with Disney decor due to the fact that my playroom is Mickey Mouse/ Disney themed.

I'm pretty happy with the playroom, but lately it seemed to need some shrubbery. So, I decided to make a Mickey Mouse topiary.

So here is the tutorial for all you peeps to enjoy!

bag of moss
pot or tin bucket
dowel rod
styrofoam balls (one big, two smaller)
styrofoam cylinder
hot glue
Route 44 diet coke from Sonic

Ok, the Sonic drink isn't really necessary but it is recommended for all crafting.

I hot glued the styrofoam cylinder into the metal bucket.

I measured my dowel rod which happened to be 36in long. I cut it in half to be 18in.

I stuck the rod into the center of the styrofoam cylinder. Push it as far as it will go.

Then I stuck the big ball on the rod as far as it would go without going through all the way. Now, I used white styrofoam because I couldn't find the green floral kind in the sizes I needed but I would suggest green so the white doesn't show through the moss.

Then, I started hot gluing the moss to the styrofoam ball.

It kinda looks like cousin It from the Addams Family.

Phew! Gluing the moss is the longest part of the process.

Then I glued some moss into the bucket to cover the styrofoam.

Then I took the smaller ball and put a few toothpicks in it.

Like this.

Stick the small ball where you think the placement it good and hot glue it down. Then, add moss.

Do the same thing with the other small ball and now Mickey has his ears.

Now, for this part I wrapped the dowel rod with black ribbon but you could also paint it.

What a nice addition!

Also, you could add vinyl dots to the pail to make it look like Mickey's pants. Or try making a Minnie Mouse one by adding a bow between the ears and putting polka dots all over the pail. I think I might make Minnie so that I have a matching pair.


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